Aspirant – 4 week Free On-line Email Course

An Aspirant is one who aspires to an awakening of awareness …

To aspire is to have a thirst, a hunger, craving or desire for something … otherwise there’s often a lack of appreciation for what we’ve received.

As an aspirant we may recognise our hopes or ambitions towards achieving or gaining something … better, greater or higher than we already have.

It’s this aspirants desire which ignites our hearts passion and hence drives us towards what we wish for wish, yearn and hope to fulfill …  maybe our dreams.

Aspiration is what ignites our motivation and enthusiasm to pursue our goals and aim to achieve our ambitions … what we’ve set our sights on.

It may be much the same as setting an intention … holding that intention and hence being hopeful, optimistic of achieving and realising our potential.

This intention may be a ‘vision’ … an image of a possible, prospective, likely, better future or outcome.

Our aspirations may be seen as the underlying trigger for what motivates and drives us … our ambitions, what we’re eager, keen, what we strive for and our determinations.

As the seat of our motivations, enthusiasm … we may say that our ‘aspirations’ are what calls us … to fulfill our purpose in life.

To aspire to something we must first find the need. Hence, this is like a void, a hole to be filled .. we aspire to attain or accomplish … for our needs, wants and desires to be fulfilled.

If we look at the the etymology of aspire, we’ll see that the origins of the word, came from around 1400, from French ‘aspire’ … being to breathe. Then from Latin ‘aspirare’ … to breathe upon, blow upon, to breathe,” also, in reference to ‘spirit’… to the drawing in of spirit.

Hence, we can see a connection with ‘aspire’ our ‘breath’ and ‘spirit’.

As an ‘Aspirant’ in this course, I hope to facilitate for you ‘inspiration’ … to be inspired to take the next step to forward to realising more of your potential.